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Tuesday July 16, 2024
21:00iOS 17.6 beta 4 arrives for testing, but not much is new
Macworld It’s not uncommon for Apple to make two iOS betas available at the same time in the summer. While the longer-term iOS beta for the fall is taking place (that’s iOS 18 this year), a smaller release for the current version is being tested for a more immediate release (that’s iOS 17). ...   Mac Central
17:11macOS Sonoma 14.6 beta 4 is now available
Macworld With macOS 15 Sequoia on the horizon, Apple hasn’t forgotten about Sonoma. Ahead of its release likely later this month, Apple shipped the second beta of macOS 14.6 to developers, with the public beta to follow. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming update. macOS 14.6: New features It’s not immediately clear whether the 14. ...   Mac Central
15:27Report: The iPhone 17 won’t have a 2nm chip
Macworld With an expected iPhone 16 announcement less than two months away, the rumors of its successor, the iPhone 17, are picking up. The latest report comes from a source that states that Apple will continue using a 3nm chip production process for the iPhone 17, and that reports for 2nm chips are false. ...   Mac Central
15:05The Apple Watch Series 9 just hit its lowest price ever
Macworld If you’re looking for a new smartwatch, you can’t do much better than the Apple Watch Series 9, especially when you can get one at a discount. And today it’s cheaper than it’s ever been: As part of its Prime Day sale, Amazon is selling the 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch Series 9 for $280 and $310 respectively. ...   Mac Central
13:15How to clean install macOS on your Mac
Macworld In this article, we’re going to show you how to perform a clean install of macOS. There are a number of reasons why you might want to do a clean install: You might want to reinstall the operating system in order to correct problems with your Mac – doing a clean install may be a good option if your Mac is running slow or otherwise misbehaving. ...   Mac Central
12:25We can’t believe how low these AirPods Prime Day prices are
Macworld It was just last week when Amazon discounted the entire AirPods line to their all-time-low prices and it’s already outdone itself. On the first day of Prime Day, Amazon has slashed the price of every AirPods model to prices so low we thought it was a mistake—and no matter which model you want you’re going to save tons of money AirPods Pro (2nd-gen with ...   Mac Central
12:22Apple Pay under investigation in U.K. amid ‘seismic shift’ in consumer ...
Macworld Two U.K. regulatory bodies have announced a joint investigation into the benefits and risks of digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. ...   Mac Central
09:30Installing the iOS 18 public beta? These are the best features to try...
Macworld Every summer, Apple runs a beta program to help find bugs and get feedback on features for its upcoming operating system releases. There’s a lot of great stuff to look forward to in iOS 18, and you don’t have to wait until September to try out some of the new features, as long as you’re willing to accept a few bugs along the way. ...   Mac Central
09:18Make room on your Mac for more stuff with these killer Prime Day deals ...
Macworld Looking for a great deal on a new hard drive or SSD to use with your Mac? We are seeing some great deals on storage in the Amazon Prime Day sale (running from July 16 to 17), so there’s no better time to pick up a deal on some new external storage for your Mac. During Amazon Prime Day Prime subscribers can take advantage of savings. ...   Mac Central
08:50Upgrade your Mac with these fantastic Prime Day monitor deals
Macworld Looking for a great deal on a new display or monitor to use with your Mac or MacBook? This Amazon Prime Day, you’ll have a great opportunity to pick up a new monitor to use with your Mac mini or MacBook as Amazon is discounting some of our favorite monitors. Amazon Prime Day lets Prime subscribers take advantage of great savings. ...   Mac Central
07:07How to choose the best MacBook dock
Macworld Why your MacBook needs a docking station MacBooks are great. They’re powerful, they’re beautifully designed, they run macOS (the greatest desktop operating system ever made), and their slim, lightweight bodies fit easily into a rucksack for ease of travel between home, work, and wherever else you want to have access to your machine. ...   Mac Central
03:18If you want a new iPad, these Amazon Prime Day sales will save you a...
Macworld Amazon’s twice Prime Day sale is now here and from July 16 to midnight on July 17 you’ll be able to score some of the best deals on Apple devices this side of Black Friday. All of Apple’s tablets, from the newest iPad Air and Pro to the mini and 10th-gen iPad will see some of their best prices ever. ...   Mac Central
03:17We searched every Apple Prime Day deal and picked the very best ones
Macworld Everyone’s favorite non-denominational shopping holiday has arrived—Amazon Prime Day. The big event kicked off on Tuesday, July 16, and continues for 48 hours until it all ends at midnight on July 17. The deals will be coming and going quickly, so be sure to bookmark this page so you can keep checking on the latest prices. ...   Mac Central
03:11Prime Day 2024 is the perfect time to bag a fantastic Apple Watch deal
Macworld Amazon’s Prime Day sales event (which lasts two days, not just one!) is a fantastic opportunity to find a good deal on the Apple Watch, so if you were wondering if the Apple Watch will be on sale for Prime Day, wonder no more! We are seeing some great discounts on the Apple Watch for the Prime Day sale, which runs from Tuesday, July 16 to midnight on July 17. ...   Mac Central
03:10Whether you have an iPhone or need one, these Prime Day deals have you ...
Macworld Amazon’s big Prime Day sale starts today: July 16 and runs until midnight on July 17. There are lots of discounted products and deals—some of them good, some of them no better than you would find the rest of the year. If you’re looking for a new iPhone you may be wondering if the iPhone is on sale for Prime Day. ...   Mac Central
03:08You can save a fortune on a new MacBook during Amazon’s Prime Day sale
Macworld If you are wondering if MacBooks will be on sale for Prime Day you will be glad to learn that yes, you can get money off MacBooks at Amazon. This is, in fact, true for most of the year, but the best MacBook deals tend to happen during Amazon’s big sales events. ...   Mac Central
03:05All of Apple’s AirPods have hit their Max-imum discount for Amazon...
Macworld Wondering if AirPods will be on sale for Prime Day? Whether you’re buying your first pair of AirPods or upgrading the trusty ‘buds you have used every day for years, Amazon’s big yearly Prime Day sale is a great time to look for a discount. Many Apple products are rarely on sale, and when they do go on sale they’re barely at a discount at all. ...   Mac Central
03:04Need a new Mac? This Prime Day is the best time to buy one
Macworld Are you wondering if Macs are on sale for Prime Day? The good news is, yes, some Macs are being discounted during Amazon Prime Day – which runs from just after midnight July 16 to midnight July 17. In our experience you can get discounts on Macs all year round, but, some of the best Mac discounts fall during Amazon’s sales. ...   Mac Central
02:52Amazon has slashed the M3 MacBook Pro by up to $700 in this insane...
Macworld Update 1:10pm ET: Several configurations have sold out but we recommend checking back throughout the sale as Amazon often restocks during Prime Day. Also be wary of redirects to used models that look to be similarly priced. The 16-inch M3 MacBook Pro is the cream of the MacBook crop, with a price to match. ...   Mac Central
Monday July 15, 2024
16:01It’s not just iPhones: Apple users are holding on to their Macs longer ...
Macworld A new report from CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) attempts to quantify how long consumers hold on to their Macs before buying a new model. And its conclusion, which will not make happy reading for Apple, is that the numbers are going up. The study asked US consumers how old their previous Mac had been when they chose to replace it. ...   Mac Central
15:04The M3 MacBook Air drops to its new best price ever ahead of Prime Day
Macworld As a treat just ahead of Prime Day, the Apple MacBook Air M3 is now available for $899 at Amazon, down from its MSRP of $1,099, marking the best price we’ve seen yet for this model. This super portable laptop is powered by the blazing-fast M3 chip, which means it will effortlessly handle both work and play. ...   Mac Central
13:30Apple drops surprise HomePod mini update—but not the one we want
Macworld It’s been more than three and a half years since the first-gen HomePod mini was released, and honestly, we thought Apple had forgotten about it. Then on Monday, Apple dropped a surprising update to the tiny speaker—but unfortunately, nothing has really changed. ...   Mac Central
10:56Hey Siri, wake me up when it’s 2025
Macworld Welcome to our weekly Apple Breakfast column, which includes all the Apple news you missed last week in a handy bite-sized roundup. We call it Apple Breakfast because we think it goes great with a Monday morning cup of coffee or tea, but it’s cool if you want to give it a read during lunch or dinner hours too. ...   Mac Central
10:15BigBlue SolarPowa 30 review: Tapping into the sun to charge your iPhone
Macworld At a glanceExpert's Rating ProsModern solar cellsConnection box with three different outputsGood solar yieldConsBulky connection boxOur VerdictWith the SolarPowa 30, Bigblue has succeeded in creating a serious solar charger. The output power is sufficient for small devices, though its small surface area requires the user to pay close attention to alignment with sunlight. ...   Mac Central
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Wednesday July 17, 2024
03:00Versilian Studios releases "Virtuosity Vibraphone" instrument for...
Versilian Studios has released Virtuosity Vibraphone, a vibraphone instrument for Kontakt 7.6.1+: Chromatically sampled with 4 RR & real pedal behavior. Six pairs of high-end microphones... Read More   KVR Audio
Tuesday July 16, 2024
17:50UA introduces Apollo x16D Audio Interface - Adds Dante networking
Universal Audio has announced the Apollo x16D Thunderbolt Audio Interface with Dante. Designed for live sound venues and networked recording studios, Apollo x16D offers industry?leading sound... Read More   KVR Audio
10:33Sound Dust release ##HOBBES## sound design drum machine for Kontakt...
Sound Dust has announced the release of ##HOBBES## for Kontakt, describing it as: A surprise generating device for inventing your own genres. Deep cinematica, skittering micro ratcheting,... Read More   KVR Audio
10:30HoRNet releases H76 Classic Vintage FET Compression with modern...
HoRNet has announced the release of H76, describing it as a faithful emulation of a classic vintage FET compression with some modern features. Apart from its comprehensive analog... Read More   KVR Audio
10:09Relab Development Releases VSR REV6000
Relab Development have announced the release of their VSR REV6000 Reverb, closely modeled after the famed TC Electronic System 6000 Reverb notably used in numerous Hollywood film productions... Read More   KVR Audio
Monday July 15, 2024
16:21PD Guitar Effects release PD Space Guitar Synthesizer 2 beta for...
PD Guitar Effects has released PD Space Guitar Synthesizer 2, a beta version for Windows and MacOS. They say: PD Space Guitar Synthesizer 2, which was already on iOS is now test-driving,... Read More   KVR Audio
16:05Davisynth updates Ripple Delay to v1.0.2 - Free Version Gets Presets
Davisynth has released a free update to Ripple Delay Free and Ripple Delay Pro. The update for both editions includes new buttons for the pattern editor and UI scaling. Presets have... Read More   KVR Audio
11:48VG Trumpet releases "VG Jazz Tuba" for Kontakt with intro offer
VGTrumpet has released VG Jazz Tuba for the full version of Kontakt. Features include: Three of the most common types of Tuba style sounds: Softly, Jazzy and Funky. Set up... Read More   KVR Audio
09:28discoDSP updates FX Bundle to v2.2, including new EQ10 plugin
discoDSP has announced the release of the discoDSP FX Bundle version 2.2, which brings significant enhancements and new features to their audio plugin collection. This is a free upgrade for previous... Read More   KVR Audio
03:44XILS-lab releases Digital Alchemy for KaoX by Alessandro Cardinale
XILS-lab has announced the release of Digital Alchemy, a sound pack designed and created by Alessandro Cardinale for the FM and beyond KaoX synthesiser. Here's what they say:... Read More   KVR Audio
Sunday July 14, 2024
13:35Sound Magic releases Neo Tosca, AI Powered Auto Pitch Tracking EQ and...
Sound Magic has released its latest plugin, Neo EQ Tosca, an AI Powered Auto Pitch Tracking EQ for mastering. Sound Magic Says. Neo EQ Tosca stands out for mastering... Read More   KVR Audio
13:25Soniccouture releases Balinese Flutes: Modelled Wind Instrument for...
Soniccouture has released Balinese Flutes: Modelled Wind Instrument for Kontakt Player. Balinese Flutes, or Suling, are end-blown flutes played solo, together with gamelan ensembles,... Read More   KVR Audio
12:30Karoryfer releases Strange String Summer for sforzando with intro offer
Karoryfer Samples has released Strange String Summer, a texture sample library featuring two different quartets of instruments. Key features: String instruments: violin, viola,... Read More   KVR Audio
12:22Bace updated to v1.2.2
Bace Technologies has updated Bace to v1.2.2. This update improves the machine learning model, reduces false positive triggering and fixes small issues on macOS and Windows. New in... Read More   KVR Audio
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Wednesday July 17, 2024
03:20Mani Consulting Limited Company releases iFretless Sax v4.0.17
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Guitars: This is the app for guitar, bass, and strings players who need realistic woodwind instrument sounds for recording or live performance. iFretless responds naturally to the the finger movements strings players use for vibrato and sliding between pitches. Using...   440Software
Tuesday July 16, 2024
19:31Kilian IT-Consulting releases Sensation Drill v2.3
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: Train your sight reading and trumpet playing skills by playing unexpected intervals. As proposed by Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin the Sensation Drill app generates random scores with intervals you can't remember from well-known melodies. Playing this...   440Software
Sunday July 14, 2024
05:35Open Planet Software releases Highnote v35.2
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Audio Editing: From the makers of the award-winning Just Press Record! Calling all music, dance and fitness enthusiasts… and absolutely anyone who wants to change the tempo of their favourite songs without affecting pitch or fidelity! Perfect Tempo is the only app...   440Software
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