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Saturday January 28, 2023
14:09When did Apple rumors stop being fun?
Welcome to our weekend Apple Breakfast column, which includes all of the Apple news you missed this week in a handy bite-sized roundup. We call it Apple Breakfast because we think it goes great with a morning cup of coffee or tea, but it’s cool if you want to give it a read during lunch or dinner hours too. ...   Mac Central
Friday January 27, 2023
16:35Where to buy a second-hand or refurbished iPhone
If you’re on the hunt for an iPhone but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to Apple’s newest models, buying an old, used or refurbished iPhone is a great way to pick up a bargain. While this might sound like a risky option, that doesn’t have to be the case, as specialist retailers offer warranties and check devices before sending them out. ...   Mac Central
15:49Brighten your desktop with a whopping $300 off the Apple Studio Display
Apple’s Studio Display is a gorgeous monitor that brings features you can’t find anywhere else, including spatial audio and Center Stage, but it comes at a steep price. Today it’s a lot less as Amazon is selling the Apple Studio Display for $1,300, a savings of $299 and the best price we’ve ever seen. ...   Mac Central
12:51Apple has reportedly given up on another iPhone chip project
After the iPad Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro all gained support for speedier Wi-Fi 6E with their latest releases, it’s all but certain to come to the iPhone 15 in the fall. However, those chips won’t be made by Apple. ...   Mac Central
11:15M2 Mac mini vs M2 Pro Mac mini: Is the high-end model really worth...
At a glance Our VerdictIf you want a straightforward desktop Mac for home or general computing, then the M2 Mac mini is ideal with a perfect price. The M2 chip is plenty powerful for most people and even some pros. If you want a higher-end chip, but not the fastest chip, the entry-level M2 Pro Mac mini is a powerful machine. ...   Mac Central
10:30From A to Ultra: How the M2 Pro and M2 Max stack up to every other...
At the heart of every Apple device is an Apple processor. Apple has been using its own chips in its iPhones and iPads for some time, while the Mac lineup has nearly completed its transition away from Intel chips. ...   Mac Central
09:00Apple updated billions of products this week—here’s everything they got
Just a week after dropping new Mac minis, MacBook Pros, and a 2nd-gen HomePod, Apple turned its attention to software this week, pushing out a dozen software updates for early every device it sells. In case you missed any of them, you can catch up here. iPhone iOS 16. ...   Mac Central
08:42What can HomePod do?
The HomePod and HomePod mini are Apple’s smart speakers, taking on the Amazon Echo, Google Home and various other AI-equipped music-and-more players. Like the incredibly popular Echo, both HomePod models can play music and perform various useful functions, such as tell you about the track that’s playing, set timers, search for and relay information found on the web, read ...   Mac Central
08:00How to remove a personal Screen Time passcode when you’ve forgotten it
Screen Time is a somewhat useful feature to help limit time on screens, online, and, particularly, apps. It’s used by parents for kids, but you can also use it for yourself. With Screen Time enabled, you can choose your own limits. ...   Mac Central
Thursday January 26, 2023
16:31Apple’s Mac security is so good, it’s sending used M1 MacBooks to the...
Apple’s efforts to protect a user’s data are a major selling point for customers. If your MacBook is stolen, it’s extremely difficult for the thief to bypass the laptop’s security measures and access the data as long as you’ve taken advantage of the tools at your disposal to lock down your machine. ...   Mac Central
14:59iOS 17 may be a maintenance release with a focus on ‘stability and...
With about four months to go until WWDC, the rumors are starting to give a clearer picture of iOS 17. And from what we can tell, it looks a lot like iOS 16. Following a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman that claims iOS 17 would have fewer features due to resources shifting to the AR/VR headset, LeaksApplePro, which has a mediocre track record but has gotten rumors right in the ...   Mac Central
13:21The next iMac: Everything we expect to see from Apple’s all-in-one...
Apple introduced the redesigned iMac with a new colorful design and M1 chip at its Spring Loaded event back in April 2021. As we approach the two-year anniversary of the new-look iMac, we’re expecting Apple to update it sometime in 2023 with a new chip. ...   Mac Central
10:30Apple’s M2 Pro Mac mini upgrade pricing makes no sense next to the Mac ...
Apple finally updated the Mac mini, with the new high-end M2 Pro version replacing an absolutely ancient Intel model. It fills an important gap in Apple’s Mac desktop lineup. The M1 Mac mini was cheap and got even cheaper with its M2 upgrade and the Mac Studio is powerful but expensive, starting at $1,999. ...   Mac Central
09:27New Mac Pro: Everything we know so far
Apple’s current Mac Pro was introduced in 2019, but since then Apple has transitioned every other Mac to its own chip architecture, starting with the M1 in 2020 followed by the M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, and eventually the M2 in early 2022. The Mac Pro, which is still using an ageing Intel processor, is looking very dated. ...   Mac Central
08:24Everything you need to know about Apple’s spring 2023 event
Big things are brewing at Apple Park, and we expect to find out what they are this spring. In this article we explain when Apple is likely to hold a launch event for spring 2023 (assuming it holds one at all), how to watch it live, and what products you can expect to be unveiled. ...   Mac Central
08:00How to change the delay before Apple Mail sends your messages
What happens when you click or tap Send on an email and realize you forgot an attachment, absentmindedly signed a letter to your boss with “all my love,” or suddenly flashed that you typed “pubic” not “public”? Apple added an option in iOS 16/iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura called Undo Send, which is a bit of a misnomer: it’s ...   Mac Central
07:30Macworld Podcast: A deep dive into the new Mac mini and MacBook Pro
Last week we talked about the news of the Mac mini and the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro. On Monday we posted our reviews of the new M2 Pro Mac mini and 16-inch MacBook Pro. So on today’s show, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into these products and talk about our experiences.  This is episode 825 with Jason Cross, Michael Simon, and Roman Loyola. ...   Mac Central
07:03The next Mac Pro might be more locked down than ever
The Mac Pro is the final Intel Mac in the lineup, but it doesn’t look like Apple saved the best for last. Following reports that the chip wouldn’t be as fast as anticipated and the RAM won’t be upgradeable, the latest rumor from Mark Gurman dumps a bucket of cold water on another anticipated feature: graphics card support. ...   Mac Central
07:00Improve video content creation with this budget friendly 4K camera...
Experts predicted that video streaming would comprise over 80 percent of all web traffic by 2022. That means, if you market a business on the web, then you’d be wise to start integrating video into your strategy. And one of the better tools to have on hand for high-quality production is a camera-equipped drone like the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro. ...   Mac Central
Wednesday January 25, 2023
17:14Apple’s next battle in its ‘silent war’ against Google: Search and ads
While we’re all waiting for Apple to unveil its long-rumored AR/VR headset to take on Meta and Sony, a new report claims Apple is silently targeting another competitor with a less-obvious effort. ...   Mac Central
15:44How to use a security key with your Apple ID
Apple this week released iOS 16.3 and macOS Ventura 13.2, bringing an overdue feature to our Apple devices: Security key support for Apple IDs. That means you can use a USB-C, Lightning, or NFC dongle as the second factor of authentication instead of the six-digit verification code Apple usually sends to another device. ...   Mac Central
14:07How to get WhatsApp on iPad
WhatsApp is an incredibly popular iPhone app, connecting more than a billion active members around the world every day. It lets you send messages to friends, or groups of friends, over Wi-Fi or 4G/5G and make savings on your phone bill. ...   Mac Central
13:33Attention parents: Kids won’t be able to play Fortnite on an iPhone or ...
Fortnite might not be in the App Store anymore, but that doesn’t mean kids aren’t still playing it. As long as it was downloaded before Apple removed it in August 2020, the game has been able to be played but no longer receives updates. Now Epic is doing something about it. The game maker has announced that on January 30, the v13. ...   Mac Central
11:15How Apple’s tight ecosystem will soon strap a $3,000 Mac display to...
2023 is set up to be the year of new frontiers for Apple. Reports say that Apple could release its long-awaited Reality Pro AR/VR headset as soon as this spring, a new platform for Apple that will get most of the attention for at least the rest of the year. But just because Apple has a new platform doesn’t mean its oldest platform, the Mac, will be ignored or forgotten. ...   Mac Central
10:30M2 Pro vs M2 Max: It comes down to memory–and money
With the release of the 2023 MacBook Pro and the 2023 Mac mini, the shape of the second generation of Apple silicon on Mac has been revealed. It is, unsurprisingly, a bit of a replay of the first generation: Apple has segmented its chips into a few different varieties. ...   Mac Central
10:02Apple probably isn’t releasing a new HomePod mini anytime soon
Apple isn’t currently working on a new version of the HomePod mini, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who addressed the matter in the latest installment of his Power On newsletter. “At this point,” Gurman wrote, “I don’t believe that Apple is actively working on such a product. ...   Mac Central
09:30Best HomePod deals
If you’re on the hunt for a bargain on Apple’s HomePod or HomePod mini we are here to help. The bad news is that the offering of HomePod deals tends to be scarce, but we have rounded up the best available right here. We’ve also looked at a selection of the best AirPlay speakers and you may also be interested in our round up of the best AirPods deals. ...   Mac Central
08:30Apple’s entry-level SSD slowdown rears its ugly head again
Here at Macworld, we tend to recommend that customers not buy the entry-level configuration of any Mac. It generally doesn’t have enough storage for most people, even people who rely heavily on iCloud or other cloud storage will likely run into space constraints down the line. ...   Mac Central
08:22How to get WhatsApp on a Mac
WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messaging platform on the planet, with Mark Zuckerberg claiming that 100 billion messages are being sent via the Meta/Facebook-owned company every day (we’ll give you a second to let that sink in). ...   Mac Central
07:24Yanked iOS 16.2 feature will be restored with ‘version 2’ in an...
Back in December, Apple pulled one of iOS 16’s biggest features, the new Home architecture that was supposed to be “more reliable and efficient.” According to a reference spotted in iOS 16.3, Apple has scrapped the original version and will soon be pushing out a new one. ...   Mac Central
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Friday January 27, 2023
15:10W. A. Production & KSHMR release "KSHMR Reverb" FX Plugin
W. A. Production and KSHMR have released KSHMR Reverb, a new reverb plug-in. They say: Presenting a stunning next-level reverb plugin from KSHMR & WA Production. This exclusive... Read More   KVR Audio
14:51Caelum Audio releases Choric for desktop and iOS with Intro Offer
Caelum Audio has released Choric, a new chorus plugin that features a 32 voice modulation engine, filtering and pitch shifting. Produce thick, rich chorus textures with up... Read More   KVR Audio
14:43Kuassa releases Efektor Harmonitron Pitch-Shifter/Harmonizer at Intro...
Kuassa has announced the release of Efektor Harmonitron, a pitch shifting and harmonizing tool for sound designers and music producers. Kuassa says:... Read More   KVR Audio
09:20Martinic updates free Kee Bass synth plug-in to v1.2.1
Martinic updated the free Kee Bass synth plug-in with improved GUI performance, which you can download here. Changes in v1.2.1: Optimized draw background. Fixed parameter... Read More   KVR Audio
09:04FKFX resurrects KrishnaSynth back from 32-bit times (incl. ...
Originally released in 2007 by Devine Machine, KrishnaSynth is making a comeback from 32-bit times as KrishnaSynth Legacy, which has been rewritten by FKFX to meet current... Read More   KVR Audio
07:26SoundGhost releases Scatter plug-in for Mac & Win / VST3 & AU
SoundGhost has announced the release of Scatter, a new granular cloud generator for MacOS and Windows (AU/VST3) described as 'a granular plug-in designed for creating scattered soundscapes... Read More   KVR Audio
00:32AudioThing updates Springs to v1.3.2 and adds Linux and iOS support
AudioThing has updated Springs, a spring reverb collection plugin, to v1.3.2, adding support for Linux and iOS. Changelog for the desktop version: Added: SuperReverb... Read More   KVR Audio
Thursday January 26, 2023
17:00RJ Studios releases True Mid-Side v1.4.0 stereo separation plugin with ...
RJ Studios has updated their True Mid/Side, Mid<>Side Channel Extractor to version 1.4.0 with additional algorithm improvements. They say: The improved algorithm provides... Read More   KVR Audio
14:47Sound Magic releases Zodiac Knobs: Scorpio - One Knob Effect unit
Sound Magic has released Zodiac Knobs: Scorpio, a one-knob effect plugin that 'adds spicy/impressive to your final sound'. Behind the single knob is a dynamic EQ algorithm that... Read More   KVR Audio
14:32Alex Nadzharov releases "lfoch" - MIDI LFO application for iOS
Alex Nadzharov has announced the release of lfoch, an experimental LFO generator app for iOS that can create 'chase'-like effects with multiple outputs from a single complex... Read More   KVR Audio
Wednesday January 25, 2023
15:22Soundiron releases Artist Bundle for Kontakt with Intro Offer
Soundiron has announced the release of the Artist Bundle, a collection of 15 'fascinating & imaginative' virtual instrument libraries specially designed in collaboration... Read More   KVR Audio
08:18Toontrack updates EZMix to v2.2.4 and releases Acoustic Pop EZkeys...
Toontrack has updated EZMix to v2.2.4 and released the Acoustic Pop EZkeys MIDI pack. Changes in EZmix v2.2.4: New: Added native Apple silicon support to the AAX version.... Read More   KVR Audio
06:41A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.15.6
A.O.M. has updated their plugins to version 1.15.6. New Features and Enhancements: [macOS, AAX] Apple Silicon Mac native support. AAX-Native plugins now contain both... Read More   KVR Audio
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Saturday January 28, 2023
09:14Secret Base Design releases FCBFF v1.1
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: FCBFF is your Foot Controller's Best Friend Forever! The FCB1010 from Behringer is a popular MIDI foot controller, but it can be difficult to program. FCBFF makes programming quick and easy; you can test out a configuration using the built-in emulation from...   440Software
Friday January 27, 2023
21:29Yamaha releases Song Beats v2.1.8
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Song Beats is a new application from Yamaha that makes it easy to play the drums along with your favorite songs! A fabulous drum performance support tool for iPhone or iPod touch! Song Beats supports your drum performance by visualizing which drums to hit and...   440Software
Thursday January 26, 2023
05:13BeepStreet releases iSequence HD v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: iSequence is one of the most powerful music creation studio designed exclusively for iPad. Thanks to intuitive 8-track sequencer, tons of instruments, flexible mixer with DSP effects you can easily program and record profesional loops, beats and...   440Software
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