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Friday October 20, 2017
15:17Mac mini: Tim Cook says Mac mini is ‘important part’ of future Mac...
The Mac mini is Apple’s entry-level desktop Mac. It’s slower than Apple’s other desktop computers—the iMac and the Mac Pro—but it remains fast enough for general-purpose use. Apple targets first-time Mac users with the Mac mini, but longtime Mac users like the price and use the Mac mini as a server or an entertainment Mac connected to a TV. ...   Mac Central
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Monday October 23, 2017
15:05Sound Radix unveils POWAIR Plug-in at AES
Sound Radix unveiled a brand new plug-in called POWAIR at AES 2017. The POWAIR plugin is in their own words 'a smarter, more natural sounding dynamic processor'. POWAIR is a novel design two-stage [Read More]   KVR Audio
15:03Igor Vasiliev updates FieldScaper to v1.8 - Field recorder & Scapes...
Igor Vasiliev has updated FieldScaper to version 1.8 for iPhone and iPad. FieldScaper is advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets [Read More]   KVR Audio
11:26THEPHONOLOOP releases 'Texture Mozaik.01' for Kontakt 5
THEPHONOLOOP has released Texture Mozaik.01, an instrument inspired by the sound design techniques used by some of the film and experimental composers from the 50s to the 70s. Here's what they [Read More]   KVR Audio
09:50Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.5
Ableton has updated Live 9 to v9.7.5. Improvements and feature changes: Introduced Control Surface support for Roli Blocks. Bug-fixes: The Live GUI could become corrupted when instantiating [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:43New Loops releases Omnisphere Explorer - 185 Omnisphere Patches
New Loops has released Omnisphere Explorer, a new library for Omnisphere 2 that features 185 new Omnisphere patches made entirely with Omnisphere's synth engine. There's a very wide range of [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:27Soundhack Freesound Bundle updated to v9.10 – Mac VST/VST3/AU + Win VST
The Soundhack Freesound Bundle has been updated to v9.10 for Mac (VST2, VST3, AU) and Windows (VST2). The bundle consists of: ++decimate: a bit crusher. ++chebyshev: a harsh distortion. ++compand: [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:22Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.144
Sensomusic has updated Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.144. Improvements: Improved ArtNet test in the setup. Implementation of node and sub-net settings in ArtNet engine. MIDI-split (multi split) module. [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:05Eventide unveils H9000 flagship processor
Eventide unveiled the H9000, an all-new network-ready, 16-DSP, multi-channel, rackmount audio effects processing flagship, featuring eight times the processing power of the current-generation [Read More]   KVR Audio
Sunday October 22, 2017
20:38JC Productionz releases Retron Tube Amp VST Plugin & Retron Soundbank
JC Productionz has released Retron, a free mono tube amp plugin designed to add light to heavy tonal coloring and light/medium distortion to your audio. Retron is designed to give that old sound [Read More]   KVR Audio
20:37NuSpace Audio updates Muze to v1.1.8
NuSpace Audio has updated Muze to version 1.1.8. Features: Updated GUI and manual. Increased reverb time knob's resolution with log-gearing on mouse scroll and drag. Reduced memory footprint [Read More]   KVR Audio
20:24Mystery Islands Music updates Korg microKxR Editor / Librarian plug-in ...
Mystery Islands Music has updated Korg microKxR AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian plug-in to version 1.2.5. This version introduces Random Voice generator and fixes a lot small bugs found [Read More]   KVR Audio
Saturday October 21, 2017
19:17HOFA-Plugins releases SYSTEM basic (Free)
HOFA-Plugins has announce the release of HOFA SYSTEM basic, the freeware version of the popular EQ, dynamic and effect toolbox HOFA SYSTEM. SYSTEM basic is a channel strip and flexible effect [Read More]   KVR Audio
19:15MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to 11.06
MeldaProduction has updated all effect plugins and MPowerSynth to 11.06, providing several new features, optimizations, improvements and fixes. Changes for effects in 11.06: Added Spectral envelope [Read More]   KVR Audio
19:11Pulseha releases Xylophoner for Kontakt with intro offer
Pulseha has released Xylophoner, a sample library of a xylophone for Kontakt. Features: 60 key samples and 1 sub sample. 2 velocity layers and 1 sub layer. 24-bit/44.1kHz samples with ncw lossless [Read More]   KVR Audio
Friday October 20, 2017
20:08Bolder Sounds releases Dan Bau for Kontakt
Bolder Sounds has released Dan Bau for Kontakt with a 20% off intro offer until October 31st 2017. Bolder Sounds say the Vietnamese Dan Bau library for Kontakt is new to the world of software [Read More]   KVR Audio
11:00Resomonics updates Reflection to v1.7
Resomonics has released another update to its flagship library for Kontakt, Reflection. Version 1.7 is free for existing owners and contains updates to the filters for both the Layers page and [Read More]   KVR Audio
09:32FXpansion releases 3 Geist Expanders: "Modular Drums", ...
FXpansion has released three new Geist Expanders: Geist Expander: Modular Drums is a set of percussive content that takes advantage of the complex, diverse and often unpredictable nature of modular [Read More]   KVR Audio
09:18ocenaudio Audio Editor updated to v3.3
ocenaudio, the free audio editor application for macOS, Windows, and Linux, has been updated to v3.3. Changes in v3.3.0: Add shortcut configuration for canvas. Fix UI for hiDPI on Windows. Fix [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:20LoopLords releases Replikator - Blade Runner Inspired Plugin
LoopLords has announced the release of Replikator, a plugin instrument inspired by the sound of Blade Runner's soundtrack originally composed by Vangelis. The VST/AU plugin instrument features [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:16Rast Sound releases Inca Spirit Vocals for Kontakt & WAV with intro...
Rast Sound has announced the release of Inca Spirit Vocals, a new sample library for Kontakt and WAV, as the 5th installment of their World Vocals series. The library provides colorful and deep [Read More]   KVR Audio
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Monday October 23, 2017
15:18Confusionists LLC releases MDXG: XG Sound Set Controller v2.9.1
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: MDXG is an app to easily access the often hidden YAMAHA XG sounds built-into YAMAHAâ€ôs XG compatible instruments, including all CVP Clavinovas, and certain top end CLP Clavinovas, Avant Grands, Portable Keyboards and Workstations. Often XG sounds are...   440Software
12:57Confusionists LLC releases MDClav: Clavinova Controller v2.9.1
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: MDClav is a full-featured iOS app created by longtime Yamaha artist Craig Knudsen for the Clavinova CLP-500 series (CLP-535 and higher, including the CLP-545, CLP-565, CLP 575, CLP-585). The best selling Clavinovas Digital Piano in the world now has an app to...   440Software
10:36WebPractice releases Arban Study No. 10 v2.0.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: You can practise with performances of the whole study at tempi from 50 to 120bpm. At the faster speeds there are appropriate changes of tempi during the Piu Lento section. A graphic beat counter above the music notation acts as a conductor to help you keep you...   440Software
08:15Cody Rotwein releases Congas! v1.3
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Percussions: Congas! is the most realistic sounding and looking percussion app available today! Created with both beginners and pros in mind, Congas! combines the latest drum app technology available with decades of real percussion experience to create the ideal conga...   440Software
05:54Trident Cloud releases Trackd - Social Music Creation v2.4.0
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: Trackd is the award-winning, ultimate social music creation and sharing app for musicians and music lovers around the world. A free and easy way to record and share musical ideas anywhere - make music with your iPhone. A masterpiece in minutes. ~...   440Software
03:33WebPractice releases Arban Double Tonguing Exercises 77 - 86 v2.0.1
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: The way to play quickly is to practise slowly. There is no better example of proving this advice to be true than by working at Double Tonguing. Start slowly, making sure your doubles are evenly played using tu ku tu ku. Your practice tempo can be increased by...   440Software
Sunday October 22, 2017
14:06Time Trainer releases PitchMaster v2.9
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: PitchMaster is a highly accurate, wide-range musical instrument tuner and tone generator. Built by a musician for himself and his friends, PitchMaster does the job for reeds, brass, and strings. The reference pitch can be adjusted up or down from A=440 hz and an...   440Software
08:13DownStage Solutions releases Pocket Accompanist v2.1.2
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: > Pocket Accompanist is current on sale at over 50% off while we work on the next version.! The current version of Pocket Accompanist works with iOS 8, there are known issues on some iPhone 6 and 6+ devices. We are working on a new version that will fix...   440Software
02:20Rolfs Apps releases Guitar Sight Reading Trainer v5.71
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: Sight reading skills will give you access to written music and get you familiar with any style of music. Sight reading is not difficult and with enough practice everybody can develop it. This app helps you to instantly find the notes on every part of the...   440Software
Saturday October 21, 2017
18:12Stephen P. Tarzia releases ClapIR Acoustics Measurement Tool v1.3
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Analysis: ClapIR is a tool for measuring the acoustic properties of a room. Simply start the app and clap your hands. ClapIR then analyzes the clap's recording to calculate the room's reverberation times and frequency response. It's acoustics engineering made easy!...   440Software
16:24Bitcount releases Cleartune v2.2
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: 'My most indispensable app is my guitar tuner, Cleartune. None of the old visual or analog tuners are as precise. I've even taken it on stage with me!' - Rosanne Cash 'Cleartune and Clockwork are my most used apps.' - Ezra Oklan (Nicole Atkins, Norah Jones,...   440Software
14:36Paul Lipnyagov releases Drum Pads 24 - Music Maker v3.1.0
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Rythme Mach. & Loops: Easy and powerful way to make your own music and have fun! Awesome drum pad controller to make tracks, perform lives or create sound packs. Beatmakers and finger drummers, weâ€ôve designed our app for you. SOUND PACKS 2500+ sounds in...   440Software
12:48TablEdit releases TEFpad v2.7
iPhone, iPad / Education / Sheet Music & Tablatures: TEFpad is a tablature editor designed for the iPad that implements most features available in the TablEdit desktop program. It is also compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. Just like TEFview for iOS, our free file viewer, TEFpad opens,...   440Software
11:00Asoft.iOS releases E-Chord v2.4
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: This app displays guitar chord finger positions. They are computationally-displayed, so they are also compatible with things such as alternate tunings and fraction chords, and they have overwhelming search capabilities even when compared to our...   440Software
09:12Roland releases Piano Designer v1.3.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: The Piano Designer app helps you to personalize the sound of your Roland piano. Inside the instrument are many parameters that allow you to finely adjust the sound elements of the piano, much in the same way that an experienced piano technician fine-tunes an...   440Software
07:24ZHANG YAN XIA releases Real Drum Set Pro - Virtual Drum Set v9.6
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Here is an simple and handy music application that makes a real drum kit out of your iPhone! All-in-One Drums includes only professional Hi-Fi sounds and has an incredibly realistic graphic. The application suits musician amateurs as well as experienced...   440Software
05:36Seishu releases Dr.Betotte TC v4.0.5
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Metronomes: Supper accurate multi division programmable metronomeâ€â€?Almost any kind of complex rhythms can be built up easily with six independent note divisions in conjunction with Multi Beat function. You can assign your choice of music note, polyrhythm setting,...   440Software
02:00Bram Van den Broeck releases Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner v2.0.7
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: Drumtune PRO is the only drum tuner app you'll ever need. The optimized drum tuner algorithm is more powerful than ever! Enjoy a fully revamped drum tuning interface and loads of new features and improvements. Drum tuning made fast & easy! Tune your full drum kit to...   440Software
Friday October 20, 2017
22:25Leoné MusicReader releases MusicReader PDF v9.981
iPhone, iPad / Education / Sheet Music & Tablatures: MusicReader is a digital music stand app for the Apple iPad. It makes it very easy to manage and use your sheet music: Real PDF Support - all settings / annotations are stored in the PDF. View your PDF sheet music. Convenient library to...   440Software
20:37Ichiban Mobile releases Drum Set Pro HD v2.1
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Drum Set Pro is a portable drum kit that you can take with you wherever you go. Whether you know how to play the drums or not, you'll still be able to rock out on these drums and have fun. Features: • 4 different drum sets to choose from Standard Set...   440Software
16:37Phonicscore GmbH releases PhonicScore lite v1.2.9
iPhone, iPad / Education / Sheet Music & Tablatures: PhonicScore lite is the award winning digital sheet music reader - the perfect tool for your collection of digital music sheets, learning and practicing piano, guitar, violin, voice or any other instrument.You can add, manage and view your own...   440Software
13:15Hibercon Technologies releases A1 Dub Machine - beatmachine drums...
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Rythme Mach. & Loops: Appendix A1 Dub Machine from the set A1 Instruments, a comprehensive set of drum kit sounds. The main screen is composed of 10 keys, buttons form a circular shape. The keys are made in soothing colors. Cymbals, drums and other percussion...   440Software
09:53Black Cat Systems releases Remote Control For Sound Byte Cart Machine...
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: Sound Byte Control lets you control a copy of Sound Byte running on a remote computer from your iPad. Now you can run Sound Byte for all your sound clip playback needs, without being tied down to your desktop or laptop computer. Note that this is a remote...   440Software
06:31Thomas Fiedler releases AD 480 pro v1.36
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / Effects: Pro quality studio reverb effect. - Use it with Audiobus, Interapp Audio, iTunes music library and multichannel audio interfaces. Enhance and enrich your recordings and live sound with the perfect sonic texture of your choice. Record, process and export...   440Software
03:08Thomas Fiedler releases AD 480 free v1.36
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / Effects: Pro quality studio reverb effect. - Use it with Audiobus and Interapp Audio. Free version of the ultimate reverb for your iDevice (the AD 480 pro, more about it below). Features of the AD 480 free: one hour trial period of the pro features...   440Software
Thursday October 19, 2017
23:46Thomas Fiedler releases AD 480 basic v1.36
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / Effects: Pro quality studio reverb effect. - Use it with Audiobus and Interapp Audio. The AD 480 basic is the small brother of the AD 480 pro, the ultimate reverb for your iDevice (more about the AD 480 pro below). Features: one hour trial period of the pro...   440Software
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