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Wednesday August 27, 2014
11:43PreSonus releases Progression 3 - enhanced chord library, new effects...
PreSonus has announced the release of Progression 3, a major upgrade to its composing software for guitar, bass, and drums. This new version makes it easier than ever to write your ideas quickly and [Read More]   KVR Audio
11:13VirSyn releases 64-bit versions of Tera - Synthesis Workstation and...
VirSyn has updated Tera - Synthesis Workstation and Cube - Spectral Morphing Resynthesizer. Both products are now available for 32/64-bit Mac OS X and Windows 7/8. The upgrade to the 64-bit versions i [Read More]   KVR Audio
10:21Kuassa releases Cerberus Bass Amp Rack Extension and the Kuassa...
Kuassa has announced the release of the Cerberus Bass Amp as a Rack Extension effect format for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and later. Bass Amplifikation is the newest range of Amp Simulator series, allo [Read More]   KVR Audio
09:44Exponential Audio updates Surround Reverbs to v1.1.0 with new 3DLink...
Exponential Audio has announced the release of version 1.1.0 of the PhoenixVerb Surround and R2 Surround plug-ins. Along with numerous improvements, this release also includes Exponential Audio's uniq [Read More]   KVR Audio
09:16Zynaptiq releases "UNCHIRP" - Codec Artifact Removal and Transient...
Zynaptiq has released UNCHIRP, a new codec artifact removal and transient retrieval plug-in, and has announced the immediate availability of the ZAP EUR The Zynaptiq Audio Processors Bundle, which c [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:00Drumdrops releases "1965 Ludwig Super Classic" Sample Packs with a...
Drumdrops has released four 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit Sample Packs: the Multi-Velocity Pack, Single Hits Pack, Drum Replacement Pack and All Samples Pack. The Kontakt 5 pack with the the Dru [Read More]   KVR Audio
05:58Saltline updates Lisc-step VST Plugin for Windows to v1.0.3
Saltline has updated Lisc-step, a free state variable filter VST plugin for Windows, to v1.0.3. Changes: Updated GUI. Effect bypass added. Preset manager and larger preset bank. 2nd step sequencer add [Read More]   KVR Audio
05:25Unearthed Sampling releases "The Derelict Kit" for Kontakt - Cinematic ...
Unearthed Sampling has announced the release of The Derelict Kit, a Kontakt 5 instrument of cinematic metal percussion derived from derelict mining equipment in Montana. Here's what they say: 'Once up [Read More]   KVR Audio
05:11Realitone updates RealiWhistle to v1.2
Realitone has updated their RealiWhistle sample library to version 1.2. The main new feature in this update is a 'Mix' slider for the Articulation selection, which enables a whistle tone that's a mix [Read More]   KVR Audio
Tuesday August 26, 2014
15:00#KVRDC14: Acon Digital Multiply Chorus AU, AAX and VST Plugin Effect...
The voting stage of the KVR Developer Challenge 2014 has ended and we are very excited to announce that we have winners! If you haven't done so already, you can download the entries for free. The priz [Read More]   KVR Audio
14:04Gospel Musicians releases Pure Synth Platinum - Hybrid...
Gospel Musicians has released Pure Synth Platinum 'Urban Workstation', a software-based rompler and synthesis library that has all of the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, [Read More]   KVR Audio
13:22Tru-Urban releases Urban-Pro Guitars for Kontakt
Tru-Urban has released Urban-Pro Guitars for Kontakt - a new electric guitar library tailored for RandB/Hip-Hop and soul style music production. Urban-Pro Guitars for Kontakt features an exclusive sel [Read More]   KVR Audio
12:57TBProAudio updates Euphonia to v1.2 - Adds RTAS Support for Windows has updated Euphonia, the optimal audio spectrum balancing plugin for the mastering stage, to v1.2, adding RTAS support for Windows. Euphonia compares the spectral fingerprint against [Read More]   KVR Audio
12:29Nikolas Konstantakopoulos releases SimpleLines Audio Mixing Console...
Nikolas Konstantakopoulos has released a Windows version of SimpleLines, an audio mixing console application supporting up to 32 physical inputs, and 8 auxiliaries, and updated the Mac OS X version to [Read More]   KVR Audio
12:02Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana to v1.20 Beta 2 (incl. ...
Admiral Quality have updated their flagship virtual analog softsynth product, Poly-Ana, to version 1.20 Beta 2. New features in the 1.20 Beta include OS X x64 VST and AU compatibility, and a new key-f [Read More]   KVR Audio
Monday August 25, 2014
16:56Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to V11 (1.1.009g)
Sensomusic has updated Usine Hollyhock to version 11 (1.1.009g) Changes: The listbox module is now opened centered on last selected. The internal Message module works now in sub patch. Flag MIDI inpu [Read More]   KVR Audio
15:19AIR announces Riser Synth Plug-in Sneak Peak Free Demo Download
AIR Music Technology has introduced The Riser, a new synthesizer designed for creating powerful transitions with electronic dance music producers and DJs in mind. A full-version, 15-day trial of The [Read More]   KVR Audio
14:56Audio Assault releases "HeadCrusher" Saturation Plug-in for Mac and PC
Audio Assault has released HeadCrusher, an analog saturation VST, AU, RTAS and AAX plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows intended to allow a user to go from subtle warmth to full on destruction. It is desi [Read More]   KVR Audio
13:4899Sounds releases free "White Noise SFX" Sample Library for Kontakt...
99Sounds has released White Noise SFX, a free collection of risers, white noise sweeps, tension builders and other transition sound effects crafted by Elias Pettersen aka Ammicuz. The library contains [Read More]   KVR Audio
13:02Audiomodern releases Glitchee III for NI Kontakt
Audiomodern has released Glitchee III, a triple glitch and cuts drum machine module with pre-assigned grooves on each key, for NI Kontakt. Glitchee III features six step sequencers and groove generato [Read More]   KVR Audio
10:51Shattered Glass Audio releases Ace - Free Software Emulation of a...
Shattered Glass Audio has released Ace, a digital emulation of the 1950s, American, all tube, tweed, 5W amp. For added versatility of the plug-in the developers have added two of the most common ampli [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:32Kuassa releases Cerberus Bass Amp Rack Extension for Reason
Kuassa has announced the release of the Cerberus Bass Amp as a Rack Extension effect format for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and later. Bass Amplifikation is the newest range of Amp Simulator series, al [Read More]   KVR Audio
Sunday August 24, 2014
07:30TBProAudio updates Euphonia - Adds RTAS Support for Windows has released Euphonia 1.2, optimal audio spectrum balancing plugin for the mastering stage. adding RTAS support. Euphonia compares the spectral fingerprint against build-in curves (Pop [Read More]   KVR Audio
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Wednesday August 27, 2014
23:11Luigi Ferone releases DrumsLive Lite - touch and MIDI drums v1.4
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Welcome to the Lite version of DrumsLiveââ€û¢. Find out the ultra-realistic sounds and the ultra-low latency of DrumsLiveââ€û¢! In the full version, there are three settings for the latency values​​....   440Software
20:35Sound Trends LLC releases Looptastic HD v1.8.2
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / DJ: Create your own non-stop remixes and electronic compositions in an incredibly intuitive way. Simply drag and drop some loops, mix it up with a DJ-style mixer and add effects with Touch Pad control....   440Software
20:35SkyArts&Co., Ltd releases PianoStar Lite Xmas edition v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Multi-Instruments: It is a keyboard for music to teach the method of performing music like timing and time, etc. to push the keyboard! Of course, it is possible to perform as a usual keyboard....   440Software
18:05DMYTRO DENYS releases Organ v1.6
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Others: Organ is full 88 keys virtual organ designed specifically for the iPad & iPhone. You can now play the organ on your device everywhere! Features: • 88 keys. • Key labels. • 5 organs + 2 instruments • Duet mode (iPad only)....   440Software
16:30Joshua Szarke releases 7 Minute Guitar v1.1
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: Do 7 minutes a day and play how you wanna play. 7 Minute Guitar is an exercise routine for guitarists of all levels....   440Software
13:01Fantastocrats releases VITAL·tunerââ€û¢ v1.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, VITAL·tunerââ€û¢ is simply the best way to tune your instrument. Why? Keep reading and we promise to not disappoint....   440Software
12:21Swar Systems releases iShala v1.6
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Multi-Instruments: iShala is an Indian music software that combines a tabla machine, a lehra player and an electronic tanpura. It provides rhythmic and melodic accompaniment for music practice or just to jam along virtual musicians....   440Software
09:31Paul Noddings releases Ukulele Chords by Music Wormhole v1.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: Ukulele Chord by Music Wormhole has many new features that will get you further, faster and having more fun! Some of the new features include a metronome, looping and Quarter Rests....   440Software
06:02Yuriko Nakajo releases Transposition by Musical Instruments v1.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Conversions: When playing the score of a certain musical instrument by other musical instruments, Transposition by Musical Instruments understands which note it should play at a glance. It is useful to a player, an arrangement person, and a composer. Usage 1....   440Software
03:54Sensomusic releases Usine Hollyhock v1.1.009
Mac, Pc / Audio Production / Experimental: Live-oriented audio software. Improvements [Report #187] Listbox - When opened Centered on Last Selected [Report #190] internal Msg Module work in subpatch [Report #198] Flag MIDI input ports with MIDI LEARN on or off fixed bugs [Report #173]...   440Software
03:49Notion Music releases Progression v3.0
Mac, Pc / Education and composition / Scores & tablatures: Notation software. Studio Audio upsampling for export Export audio of each staff or bus as an individual stem New PreSonus® Native Effects™ plug-ins from Studio One®: Compressor, Limiter, EQ Notation Cross-staff...   440Software
03:44Cognitone releases Harmony Navigator v2.7.3
Mac, Pc / Education and composition / Reference: Explore keys and chord changes and find ideal harmony for your music.. Feature Enhancements: - Drag & drop export of containers, instruments (press space once while you drag) - New editable root section that spans entire song - Playing...   440Software
02:32Yonac releases ToneStack GO v1.0
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / Effects: All regular bundles 50% off! plus motherload bundle 40% off! for a limited time only! ToneStack GO is the ultimate in signal processing: with the largest variety of amps & FX, the latest advancements in modeling technology, and an unbelievably...   440Software
02:11Zynaptiq releases Unchirp v1.0
Mac, Pc / Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects: Codec Artifact Removal & Transient Retrieval. UNCHIRP is a plug-in for removing the most obnoxious artifacts associated with lossy audio encoding and other FFT based processes, such as spectral de-noising....   440Software
Tuesday August 26, 2014
23:03The Elionze Group releases TapeRecord v1.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Audio Editing: TapeRecord is a simple and unique recording experience. An homage to the days of reel-to-reel recording, TapeRecord allows you to record or import audio clips from any source and cut, paste and reassemble them to create new and unique audio pieces....   440Software releases StompBox v1.41
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / Effects: StompBox turns your iPad into a flexible Multi FX Processor, it includes 17 effects plus a 4 Track Recorder and Media Player....   440Software
21:09RoGame Software releases ChordLab v3.5.6
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: Harmony is a difficult and complex part of music theory with chord spelling and construction at its very basis....   440Software
19:33Naithan Bosse releases MaxComm v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: MaxComm is a free customizable controller for sending OSC messages to another computer over a Wifi network. The app incorporates an interface builder, which allows the user to add sliders, buttons, and toggles....   440Software
17:03Triple Connect Pty Ltd releases RealChords Pro v1.5
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: RealChords is a new way to see, hear and save everything to do with chords on the guitar. Join the dots. All chords are easy to find....   440Software
16:04Guilherme Farrer releases ElCharango v1.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: See more than 150 charango chords in a 3D model, making easer the process to learn how to play it. And, as a plus, listen to charango strings to help you tune your instrument.   440Software
14:07Triple Connect Pty Ltd releases RealChords v1.5
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: RealChords is a new way to see, hear and save everything to do with chords on the guitar. Join the dots. All chords are easy to find....   440Software
05:17Okeedoke Studios releases Vcvcbc v2.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Music Writing: VCVCBC Songwriting Studio is 70% OFF to celebrate our MAJOR update release!! The greatest songs are yet to be written … by you. Create. Start with a lyric, melody, chord progression, rhythm or a quick recording of anything. Complete....   440Software
02:21Eun Jae Lee releases Circle of 5ths Virtuoso, 3rd Edition v8.1
iPhone, iPad / Education / Reference: ### 67% off for a limited time. download now! ### All in one App! Circle of 5ths is essential for all kinds of music. It is absolutely important for musicians to have a basic understanding of how the perfect 5th and intervals work in music....   440Software
01:53PCDJ releases PCDJ DEX v3.0.1
Mac, Pc / Audio Production / DJs: DJ mixing. Fixed slow searching bug (for MAC users experiencing a lag while using search / itâ€ôs snappy now!) Changed max favorite folders to 128 (up from 32) Added....   440Software
Monday August 25, 2014
20:32On Beat Limited releases Finger Drums v2.7.31
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Finger Drums is three amazing drum kits on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Choose from three amazing professionally recorded drum kits - rock, hip hop or dance. You can also play along with any songs on your music library....   440Software
17:05Pioneer releases MIXTRAX App Free v2.2.5
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / DJ: This app is a free version of the MIXTRAX App and is designed to let you enjoy some of its appeal....   440Software
15:38Pioneer releases MIXTRAX App v2.2.5
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / DJ: Discover a new music mix with the MIXTRAX App. Derived from Pioneer’s experience in developing world-renown professional DJ products, the MIXTRAX App analyzes the music library on your iPhone or iPod touch and effortlessly categorizes your music...   440Software
12:43Mancing Dolecules releases Everyday Looper v1.6
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: A video is worth a thousand words, you can check a 'thrilling' demo of Everyday Looper here: Everyday Looper allows you to record 4 musical phrases - 6 on an iPad - and loop them right away....   440Software
06:55Gismart releases Real Ukulele Free v1.5
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Strings: Real Ukulele is one of the most realistic hawaiian guitar (4-string mini guitar) simulator apps featuring a user-friendly interface and an awesome sound quality. All the notes have been recorded from the live ukulele....   440Software
05:27Gismart releases Real Ukulele v1.5
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Strings: Real Ukulele is one of the most realistic hawaiian guitar (4-string mini guitar) simulator apps featuring a user-friendly interface and an awesome sound quality. All the notes have been recorded from the live ukulele....   440Software
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