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mercredi 21 mars 2018
13:23Fred Anton Corvest releases Chorus, Maxima and Transient AUV3 Plugins...
Fred Anton Corvest (FAC) has announced that his plugins are now available on macOS in addition to iOS. The plugins are based on the new audio unit v3 technologies which is currently supported [Read More]
13:15Mathew Lane updates DrMS to v5.1.0 and StereoDelta to v2.1.0
Mathew Lane has released updates for DrMS (v5.1.0) and StereoDelta (v2.1.0). Changes: DrMS and StereoDelta now feature the ability to run as mono-to-stereo plug-in instances in AAX and AudioUnit [Read More]
13:10Xenakios updates PaulXStretch to v1.1.0
Xenakios has updated PaulXStretch for Mac OS X and Windows to 1.1.0. Changes: Added free filter spectral processing module. Made spectral module on/off states plugin parameters. Fixed bug with [Read More]
13:02Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Sampler, TAL-Dub-X, TAL-U-NO-LX and...
Togu Audio Line has released updates for TAL-Sampler, TAL-Dub-X, TAL-U-NO-LX and TAL-BassLine-101. Changes in TAL-Sampler v2.1.1: Tune and stretch not working fixed. (2.1.1). Parameter handling [Read More]
11:00HoRNet releases DynEq Dynamic Equalizer
HoRNet has released DynEq, a dynamic equalizer designed to apply a specific equalization curve proportionally to the intensity of the input signal. DynEq uses a simple but effective approach [Read More]
mardi 20 mars 2018
21:38Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKAutoSwell 2.0.0 for Mac & Win
Matthieu Brucher has released version 2.0.0 of ATKAutoSwell, a free and Open Source swell plug-in (compresses the full signal, not just above threshold), for 64-bit Mac OS X (10.9 minimum) and [Read More]
12:14NSD releases Circlys v2.0.0 for Windows
NSD has updated Circlys for Windows to v2.0.0. This update focuses primarily on accessibility. The new MIDI mapping lets you control every single parameter. The new web browser UI gives you access [Read More]
12:00Sound Dust releases Rubber Bass 2 for Kontakt with 20% Off Intro Offer
Sound Dust has announced the release of Rubber Bass 2 - a sample instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt 5. Rubber Bass 2 is sampled from a Kala ukulele bass which has fat rubber strings and [Read More]
09:06Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.165
Sensomusic has updated Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.165. 3.0.165 Improvements: Various video engine optimization. Playing while record is allowed in piano roll module in ppq-slav mode. Fixed Bugs: [Read More]
09:02discoDSP updates Bliss sampler to 1.2
discoDSP has updated Bliss to 1.2 and is now selling at their online store. What's new: Removed License.dat copy protection. Added option in the menu to disable logging. Small improvements to [Read More]
07:37AdHd Audio Tools updates free "Leveling Tool" for Windows (VST) and...
AdHd AudioTools has updated Leveling Tool to v1.3.0 with the added feature of a 'Drive' knob. The user can now control the amount of tube saturation added to the signal. Leveling Tool is a Tube [Read More]
01:00Deskew Technologies announces Gig Performer 2.1 update
Deskew Technologies has released Gig Performer 2.1, its acclaimed audio plugin host for Mac and Windows platforms. Gig Performer will be of interest to live performance and session musicians [Read More]
lundi 19 mars 2018
15:58forward audio announces Public Beta of free Phase Alignment Plugin...
forward audio has announced the start of the Public Beta of its free Phase Alignment Plugin faSampleDelay on Friday, March 23. Participants will get a free license key and download link by registering [Read More]
15:04VirSyn updates microTERA for iPad to v1.4.0 - AudioUnit and Audiobus 3 ...
VirSyn has announced that microTERA for iPad has been updated to 1.4.0. Changes: AUv3 AudioUnit with parameter automation (requires iOS10). Audiobus 3 support. [Read More]
14:16Bitwig Studio updated to v2.3.2
Bitwig Studio has been updated to v2.3.2. Improved: Changing the audio settings while the engine is still in the process of activating for a project could cause it to connect with the wrong sample [Read More]
14:08Sean Bolton updates Hexter to v1.1.0
Sean Bolton has updated Hexter, the Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI plug-in for Linux, to v1.1.0. Changes: Switched to run_synth() instead of run_multiple_synths(), and removed the global polyphony [Read More]
13:20Direct Approach Announces Dynamics Plugin Bundle
Direct Approach has announced the release of the Dynamics Plugin Bundle with special pricing. Now you can get all five Direct Approach dynamics plugins, LimitX, BoostX, CompPlus, Snap., and [Read More]
10:48Sound Radix updates 32 Lives to v2.0.4
Sound Radix has updated 32 Lives, the 32- to 64-bit Audio Units and VST plug-ins adapter for Mac, to v2.0.4. Here's what's new and improved: New: 32 Lives Manager now warns if iLok License Manager [Read More]
09:50LoopLords releases Midnight Piano, Electro Pop Drum Kits and Soothing...
LoopLords has announced the release of Midnight Piano, Electro Pop Drum Kits and Soothing Downtempo. Midnight Piano, $19, is an intimate acoustic piano that doesn't requires a high specs computer [Read More]
08:48Ourafilmes releases Diabolique for Windows VST (Free)
Ourafilmes has released Diabolique, a free VST plug-in for Windows designed to emulate 2 vintage tube reel-to-reel tape machines: a Revox F36 from 1962 (circuitry 1) and a Tandberg Model 3 from [Read More]
dimanche 18 mars 2018
09:32Monocasual Laboratories releases Giada 0.14. ...
Monocasual Laboratories has released Giada version 0.14.6 'Backward invention.' Giada 0.14.6 you will find: Ability to drive volume of one-shot samples via MIDI velocity; FLAC and Ogg support [Read More]
02:16Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Jumbo 12" for Kontakt Player...
Orange Tree Samples has released Evolution Jumbo 12, a Taylor 355 12-string acoustic guitar sample library powered by Native Instruments' Kontakt Player. Evolution Jumbo 12 was developed in collaboration [Read More]
samedi 17 mars 2018
19:52Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.3.0 for Mac
Audio Helper Project has updated Samplism to version 1.3.0. New Features: Supports the manual tag matching feature: Now a user can manually change tags of samples via the menu or simply drag [Read More]
06:34Planet-H updates G-Stomper Studio for Android to v5.7.1 - Ableton Link ...
Planet-H has updated G-Stomper Studio for Android to v5.7.1. Check out the related Documentation. See the full list of changes in the release notes. Pattern Lock The Pattern Lock prevents Patterns [Read More]
05:34Ample Sound releases AGF Funk Extension and updates AGF to 2.55
Ample Sound has released the AGF Funk Extension, which aims to reproduce the sound of the 1950's Fender Stratocaster guitar. It is sampled on the Middle and Bridge pickup. Changes: Supports expansion [Read More]
vendredi 16 mars 2018
14:46JUCE updated to v5.3.0 - 30 new tutorials, OBOE support (Android) and...
ROLI / The JUCE Team have updated JUCE to v5.3.0 with 30 new tutorials, OBOE support (Android) and hosted plug-in parameters. Tutorials and documentation Updated learning resources includes a [Read More]
14:44Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.9.4
Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth to v2.9.4, a bug-fix release. Changes: Fixed Bug 0098 Signal flow object mode cannot be changed in Mac Sierra. Fixed Bug 0099 Detune save default not being [Read More]
10:52Monade Sounds releases Pure707 - TR-707 Plugin Emulation
Monade Sounds has announced the release of Pure707, a a sample-based emulation of the classic Roland TR-707. At its core, Pure707 use a pristine set of TR-707 samples recorded at 24-bit, 44.1 [Read More]
10:41Fuse Audio Labs updates Bucket-500 and VCL-4 to v1.1
Fuse Audio Labs has updated Bucket-500 and VCL-4 to v1.1. These new installers fix automation problems in Pro Tools and offer a wide variety of pagetable layouts. They also finally support factory [Read More]
10:36Rast Sound releases "Elements Collection" for Kontakt for film & game...
Rast Sound has released Elements Collection, a new sample library that focuses on mood setting and sound design tools aiming to enrich the workflow of film and game composers. Elements offers [Read More]
08:33Midi Madness Software announces MIDI Madness 3 Final Beta
MIDI Madness Software has announced the final beta version of MIDI Madness 3. This update is the release candidate, and includes a whole list of bug fixes. MIDI Madness 3 is an algorithmic melody [Read More]
04:13Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.4.6.0 for Windows
Ivosight has updated Soundop Audio Editor, a Windows application for audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering, to v1.4.6.0. Changes: Added Loudness Meter panel. Added Export command for [Read More]
jeudi 15 mars 2018
15:05UVI releases Augmented Piano - Creative Piano Workshop
UVI has released Augmented Piano, a creative piano workshop including 24 preparations, 3 mixable mic sources, deep controls and more. Augmented Piano is a one-of-a-kind piano workshop including [Read More]
10:12IK releases Total Studio 2 MAX - at special intro pricing
IK Multimedia has announced the release of Total Studio 2 MAX, a huge music creation software suite that gives you 94 products, 16,800 sounds, 39 mixing/mastering processors and over 350 gear [Read More]
09:57Steinberg releases Metro Heights for Groove Agent
Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of Metro Heights, the latest expansion set for Groove Agent. Consisting of 12 drum kits that contain more than 17,400 samples, the exclusive [Read More]
09:22G-Sonique releases PsyKick AK1 x64-bit c. and Psytrance Tutorial by...
G-Sonique has released a 64-bit version of PsyKick AK1, a psytrance / goatrance / darkpsy / hitech trance kick drum generator / synthesizer, VST instrument plug-in for Windows. PsyKick AK1 allows [Read More]
08:08discoDSP updates Windows installers for Bliss, Corona, Discovery,...
discoDSP has updated Windows installers for Bliss, Corona, Discovery, Discovery Pro and Vertigo. What's new: All URLs are HTTPS now. Dialog to confirm installation folder for 32 and 64 VST2 plugins. [Read More]
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