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samedi 24 février 2018
16:36Voxengo updates CRTIV Tape Bus to v1.1
Voxengo has released CRTIV Tape Bus version 1.1, a tape saturation plug-in for professional music production applications. Changes: Fixed 'Flutter' noise loudness in oversampling modes. Updated [Read More]
vendredi 23 février 2018
17:12HY-Plugins updates HY-RPE to v1.0.8, HY-Delay3 to v1.1.5 and HY-MBMFX...
HY-Plugins has updated HY-RPE to version 1.0.8, HY-Delay3 to version 1.1.5 and HY-MBMFX to version 1.1.8. Changes (HY-RPE): Expanded random running mode of sequencer block. Added max delay time [Read More]
14:36Kuassa releases Efektor WF3607 Wah Wah Effect at Intro Price
Kuassa has announced the release of Efektor WF3607 Wah Filter, a new wah-wah effect pedal featuring 6 types of faithful recreations of popular wah-wah pedals with more parameters to play with. [Read More]
09:00Roland Cloud updated to v5.0 - Anthology 1993
Roland Cloud has been updated to v5.0 featuring Anthology 1993. Here's what they say: 'When the inspiration for Anthology 1993 was released over 25 years ago, it was hailed as 'the best synth [Read More]
08:57Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.161
Sensomusic has updated Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.161. 3.0.161 Fixed bugs: Insert plugins on drop doesn't work. Mouse up doesn't work properly. 3.0.160 Improvements: Faster MIDI-bus send on patch [Read More]
08:53Voxengo updates "CRTIV Tape Bus" Tape Saturation Plugin to v1.1
Voxengo has updated CRTIV Tape Bus to v1.1. Changes: Fixed 'Flutter' noise loudness in oversampling modes. Updated the user guide to include more details on the impulses. Moved built-in low-frequency [Read More]
08:34FXpansion releases BFD Crush for BFD3, BFD2, and BFD Eco
FXpansion has released BFD Crush, a new expansion pack for BFD3, BFD2, and BFD Eco, that captures a Crush Drums Sublime AXM drum kit. Tuned and processed by FXpansion's in-house engineers to [Read More]
08:30ToneBoosters releases "Equalizer 4" AI-assisted dynamic equalizer...
ToneBoosters has released Equalizer 4, a new dynamic equalizer plugin with an artificial intelligence agent to support your mixing activities. The AI assist function will listen along and provide [Read More]
08:24Adam Monroe Music adds support for higher sample rates to Adam...
Adam Monroe Music has added support for higher sample rates to the VST, AU, and AAX versions of Adam Monroe's Beats, a drum sample library. The plugin now supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz [Read More]
jeudi 22 février 2018
17:17NuSpace Audio updates Zephyr to v1.2.1
NuSpace Audio has updated Zephyr to version 1.2.1. Maintenance update: Faster performance for all reverb quality modes. Depth and delay control now change source indicator size. Existing customers [Read More]
16:35Sound Mechanics Sound Design release 'Mystery' for Arturia CS-80 V
Sound Mechanics Sound Design have announced their first release, Mystery, which is a bank of 80 atmospheric patches for the Arturia CS-80 V software synthesizer, an emulation of the Yamaha CS80 [Read More]
16:35MAAT releases "DRMeter MkII" Plug–in for Loudness Measurement
MAAT Incorporated has announced the release of DRMeter MkII, a cross platform plug–in for the measurement and monitoring of audio Loudness and dynamics. MAAT say the plug–in premiers several [Read More]
14:53VirHarmonic releases "Expansion 1" for Bohemian Cello - Virtual...
VirHarmonic has released Expansion 1 for the Bohemian Cello. Their Virtual Performer has been expanded, delivering more varied types of performance, many new legato types, Mood selection (Improv, [Read More]
14:34Triple Spiral Audio releases Empty Fields - F.1 for Zebra 2
Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of Empty Fields - F.1 for Zebra 2 (F stands for field), the first in a series of soundsets inspired by the beautiful empty landscapes and the nature [Read More]
11:41AudioSwift updated to v1.2.0
AudioSwift, the app for macOS that let you use a trackpad as a MIDI control surface, has been updated to version 1.2.0. Changes: Support for Cockos REAPER in Mixer Mode. Includes a workaround [Read More]
10:02Chris Hein Solo Strings EXtended now available
Best Service has announced that Chris Hein Solo Strings EXtended, including 8 new instruments, is now available. They say this update makes Chris Hein Solo Strings EX the most comprehensive collection [Read More]
09:51Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.6
For those who haven't upgraded to Live 10 yet, Ableton has updated Live 9 to v9.7.6. Improvements and feature changes: Adjusted the link in the pop-up dialog that appears when a user has reached [Read More]
09:45VSP releases "The Disputed Zone" Vol.2 for Repro-5
VSP has announced the release of The Disputed Zone Vol.2, a new soundset of 111 presets for u-he Repro-5 designed for all styles of electronic music. Here's what they say: So many sound-set [Read More]
mercredi 21 février 2018
16:11Audacity updated to v2.2.2
Audacity, the free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing, has been updated to 2.2.2. Changes: Easier zooming in and out with mousewheel, new Zoom Toggle [Read More]
15:53Steinberg updates Dorico to v1.2.10
Steinberg has updated Dorico to v1.2.10. This minor maintenance update improves the performance and stability of the application, and provides greater flexibility in playback and appearance of [Read More]
15:00borth audio releases Grate Bass and Grate Bass Lite for Kontakt and...
borth audio has announced the release of two new Kontakt Instruments, Grate Bass and Grate Bass Lite, plus updates for Grate Piano, Gamble Kid and Sticky Rain. Grate Bass ($29): Usual and unusual [Read More]
11:01Premier Sound Factory releases "Princess Koto - KAGUYA" for Kontakt
Premier Sound Factory has released Princess Koto KAGUYA, Japanese Koto library for Kontakt Player. Features: Super High-Res Raw file in 96kHz/24-bit. A Duo of Classical and Contemporary Bass [Read More]
10:59Fuse Audio Labs releases Bucket-500 Analog Delay plug-in for Mac & Win ...
Fuse Audio Labs has announced the release of the Bucket-500 Analog Delay plugin. Available for Mac OS and Windows in AAX, AU, VST2.4 and VST3 in 32 and 64-bits, it's on sale for $29 until February [Read More]
10:38Acustica releases Azure EQ - Mastering Solution for Mac & Win VST, AU &...
Acustica Audio has announced the release of Azure EQ, a zero-compromise mastering solution developed in collaboration with Mirko Reimer of Analog in the Box and mastering engineer Zino Mikorey. [Read More]
08:37Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.7 with “Brazilî Preset Pack
Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth. Version 2.7 includes the new 'Brazil' Preset Pack by Scrubbing Monkeys. The pack includes 25 all new presets and 10 original wave morphing tables. This [Read More]
02:20Empty Vessel releases Weave for Dmitry Sches' Tantra
Empty Vessel has announced the release of Weave for Dmitry Sches' Tantra. Here's what they say: Tantra (Sanskrit: ??????; literally 'loom, weave, system') Weave is a 65 preset expansion [Read More]
mardi 20 février 2018
20:47PlugInGuru releases "Northern Impakt V1" for Omnisphere 2.1 has released Northern Impakt V1 for Omnisphere 2.1 (or later). Weighing in at 964 Patches / Multis & Soundsources (over 950MB), this is designed to be a huge wealth of inspiring [Read More]
20:31AngelicVibes releases "Uphoria" - AU/VST Plug-in
AngelicVibes has released Uphoria, an instrument plugin created for the hip-hop producer community, with everything from computer-generated sounds, to real live recording instruments. Features: [Read More]
16:36SZCZ updates Cracklefield to version 1.2
SZCZ has updated Cracklefield, a generative sequencer for Kontakt 5. The update introduced Field Animator, new function which can be used to dynamically transform the entire sequencer field. [Read More]
15:09Magix updates Vegas Pro 15 to build 311
Magix has updated Vegas Pro 15 to build 311. This patch addresses many issues that were keeping some of you from using the new So4compoundplug, and it will make that much more stable for you. [Read More]
13:28Red Sounds releases Vox Engine 2 - Kontakt instrument for chopped...
Red Sounds has released Vox Engine 2, a Kontakt instrument for chopped vocals. Red Sounds say Vox Engine 2 is bigger, better and has more interesting and useful controls, but is still very simple [Read More]
12:43Akai Pro updates MPC Software to v2.1
Akai Pro has announced that its MPC Software has been updated to v2.1. This major update for both LIVE/X Standalone Firmware OS and MPC Desktop Software introduces a number of new workflow enhancements [Read More]
08:33TC Electronic releases Clarity M Plug-in v2.0 / Clarity M Desktop...
TC Electronic has released version 2.0.0 of the Clarity M Plug-in. The firmware for the Clarity M Desktop Loudness Meter has been updated to v2.0.3. The Clarity M Desktop Loudness Meter software [Read More]
08:21Acoustica updates Mixcraft 8.1 to Build 412
Acoustica has updated Mixcraft 8.1 to Build 412. Changes in Mixcraft 8.1 Build 412: New splash screens. Fix for ASIO driver that reports a recommended size but doesn't allow for it with a new [Read More]
08:15Audiority releases Tube Modulator - Vintage Analog Modulations plugin...
Audiority has released Tube Modulator, an analog modeled collection of modulation circuits ranging from late 50s tube amplifier tremolo to late 60s vibrato pedal effects. Tube Modulator replaces [Read More]
07:05Exponential Audio updates all plugins
Exponential Audio has released updates for all its plugins. Changes include: Fixed: VST3 users were sometimes experiencing a hang during plugin scanning. Fixed: The 3D plugins were confused by [Read More]
lundi 19 février 2018
15:57Cockos updates REAPER to v5.75
Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.75. Changes FX: ensure no feedback loop created when building multichannel routing on a folder. fix channel behavior when loading FX chain via SWS resources. fix [Read More]
15:48Native Instruments launches Expansions - genre-specific sound packs...
Native Instruments has announced the release of Expansions. Based on the Maschine Expansions series, these 50+ genre-based sound packs contain everything a musician needs to create a full track [Read More]
09:24Acousticsamples releases the Strategy Guitar
After Sunbird, GD-6, Telematic and UKU, there's now a new member of the Acousticsamples guitar libraries family, Strategy Guitar, based on a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Features: Strumming [Read More]
dimanche 18 février 2018
20:15Krotos Audio releases Weaponiser - Weapon Sound Design Tool
Krotos Audio has released Weaponiser, an all-in-one solution for weapon sound design for Mac OS and Windows. Weapon sounds are some of the most commonly used sound effects in AAA games, major [Read More]
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